About Us

Corrugated material is everywhere you look. Used to display, promote and package almost every product you purchase. Food, office supplies, computers, books, clothing, music, tools, building materials, electronics, you name it.

All of the things we buy and use throughout our daily lifestyle have already traveled far and wide to reach us, intact and ready for use - most of it packed and neatly protected in a corrugated container.

A ubiquitous part of life for more than a century, corrugated boxes still reign today as the number-one preferred form of packaging.

Our History

Gerrity Corrugated Paper Products Ltd. was originally established in 1977 as "Gerrity Sheet Plant Supply Ltd." By Tom and Jean Gerrity, along with their sons Blaine and Scott. It was a place larger sheet plants could get small volume runs with quick turnaround and speedy deliveries. When this market proved to be too small, Gerrity moved into the carton manufacturing process themselves. Continually growing and expanding in both size and product lines, Gerrity has now become a leader in brown box, POP displays and Just-In-Time/Kanban delivery systems. Tom's original concept was to buy large volume runs of various sizes and materials of corrugated stock sheets, cut them down to small square footage orders, which large sheet suppliers were unable or unwilling to run, then sell them back to sheet converting companies. This concept allowed converters to offer next day service and small runs to their customers and the growth of Gerrity Sheet Plant Supply was a direct result of the success of this process.

Looking for an opportunity to grow, the Gerrity family decided to branch out and become a converter themselves. The original concept's success continued and the company grew rapidly.

Gerrity Corrugated has always prided itself in its re-investment into equipment, people and process improvement. Today, they can boast of one of the most modern and well-equipped sheet plants in the North American market place, with flexo folder gluers, flexo rotary, Bobst and platen die cutters, jumbo and mid sized printer slotters, partition assembling equipment and many more pieces of finishing equipment.

In the early 1990's it became apparent that computerization was vital to existence in the global economy of the future. Finding it difficult to procure a satisfactory software program for the corrugated industry, Gerrity did what they do best and improvised by creating proprietary software.

1998 saw a big change at Gerrity Corrugated Paper Products Ltd. They merged their three smaller facilities into a new 80,000 sq ft facility in the heart of industrial Concord, Ontario, improving "flow" and increasing productivity. Growth continued and in early 2000 a 15,000 sq ft addition increased the building up to 95,000 sq ft of which 87,000 sq ft was dedicated to production and warehousing. Continued growth led to the addition of two more facilities, one strictly warehouse space and the other, their laminating and display division.

10 years later in 2008, the same process happened again. Gerrity moved their three facilities into one large plant (210,000 sq ft) with the ability to increase that by another 140,000 sq ft in the future.

Solid managerial focus and an inherent desire for continuous improvement have given Gerrity Corrugated the formula for success: Consistency in service, quality and value supplied to the customer.