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Can my logo be printed on my containers?

Yes! We can print your logo and product information directly on cartons. Further more our design department can craft unique designs for high level promotion, instruction, hazard labeling and more!

Do you offer custom made boxes?

Yes, we do! We can create custom boxes and packaging of any size for your business and brand.

How much do your boxes cost?

Our boxes vary in price depending on size and quantity, but we are proud to offer competitive rates for quality products. Please contact us for a custom quote!

Is corrugated the best material for boxes?

Yes! Corrugated is lighter and less expensive than alternative materials, such as plastic, wood, and metal—plus it is 100% recyclable. Unlike other types of boxes, corrugated boxes fold flat for storing and shipping, saving you money and floor space. Corrugated is strong enough to stack, resistant to impact and vibration, and it can cushion and protect your products during shipping.

What is ECT?

ECT (edge crush test) is performed to predict the vertical strength of corrugated board. It determines the resistance to compression of the flutes in pounds per square inch.